Tube Pre-stretching System

Tube Pre-stretching System is an auxiliary process for balloon formation. It is used to stretch the non-formed parts on both sides of the balloon tube so that the balloon can pass through the terminals on both sides of the balloon mold. It can also ensure the stability of balloon production and reduce the wall thickness of the balloon pins on both sides.

When producing balloons with a diameter more than 3mm, the diameter of the balloon tube is usually larger than the ID of the terminals on both sides of the balloon mold, so it is necessary to stretch the balloon tube at both ends in advance to make the OD smaller before going through the balloon mold.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions:                                                  1300*500*350mm
  • Power supply and insurance:                       220/240VAC 50/60Hz 5A (1100 watts)
  • Air source input:                                         compressed air 0.7MPa
  • Can simultaneously stretch 3 balloon tubes of the same specification
  • Control system: The touch screen sets parameters and switching modes, pneumatic clamps and pneumatically driven heaters, and dual servo motors with lead screw. Operation control accuracy 0.01mm
  • Stretching stroke:                                          300mm left and right
  • Stretching speed:                                           Max. 200mm/s , min. 1mm/s
  • Set parameters: Temperature, left and right stretching distance, speed, no stretching length, cooling time.

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