Folding System

Folding System is used for the balloon folding process of the balloon catheter. The balloon is evenly divided into circumferential parts, which are then rotated in the same direction by the pleating head and folding head. According to the needs of the product, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 jaw can be selected. Both the pleating head and the folding head can be quickly.

Technical specifications

  • Folding system host: The equipment is pneumatically driven, equipped with a touch screen human-machine exchange panel, temperature and air pressure controller; the pleating head can be plugged and unplugged, pleating heads can be quickly replaced according to the change of the product line. Standard Luer conduit connector.
  • Positive and negative pressure controller Pedal-style design, one person can operate the whole machine, control pressure-50kpa to 600kpa
  • Pleating head
    • Number of jaw: 3-10
    • Length: 50-310mm
    • Temperature: Normal temperature -100C
  • Folding head ( can be used for stent crimping )
    • Structure: 12-jaw gapless crimping head, adjustable maximum opening diameter and closed diameter (0.5-30mm)
    • Length : 50-310mm
    • Temperature : from normal temperature to 100C
  • Swing angle conveyor The working table is equipped with swing angle conveyor, which can be compressed and rolled tightly without secondary clamping after the balloon pleating process .

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