Laser Bonding System

Laser Bonding System is used for plastic tube rotary welding. Mainly used in the proximal and distal welding of balloon catheters. It has the advantages of heat concentration, accuracy and reliability. No heat radiation can cause the balloon to be over-heated and deformed. The welding process can be monitored directly by video monitor.

Technical specifications

  • Semiconductor refrigeration .Imported 10W CO2 laser
  • Closed-loop laser control system ensures laser stability
  • Laser Power real-time display (mW)
  • Power calibration ( software calibration )
  • Replaceable clamp : pneumatic control centering clamp+electronically controlledrotor clamp (continuously adjustable,suitable for diameter: 0.3-5mm)optional 5-10mm fixture
  • Exercise stroke : 150mm
  • Motion accuracy : 0.01mm/s
  • Maximum rotor speed : 1500r/min (continuous shifting ,servo motor)
  • Programmable control laser focal length 0-40mm
  • 7 inch HD touch screen
  • 15-inch video surveillance screen
  • Cross line assisted alignment and set welding start point and end point
  • According to the actual situation ,set up steps of welding parameters ( up to 9 steps )
  • A variety of welding methods can meet different welding needs( rotary movement ,rotary spot welding ,swing welding )
  • Operation interface can freely switch between single step display and full parameter display

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