Hot Die Welding System

Hot Die Welding System is mainly used for welding the proximal and distal ends of balloon tube, and also for butt welding of tubes. The welding principle is to use a high temperature mold to heat the welding material, so that the two welding materials reach the melting point and fuse together. The device is one button operation, it is simple and convenient to use. And the equipment is highly cost-effective.

Technical specifications

  • Demensions : 585*460*300mm
  • Power and insurance : 220V 2A ( 400W ) ; ( heating power : 100-200W )
  • Air source input : 0.7MPa
  • Number of heated die holes : 3 holes
  • Settable parameters : 10 sets
  • Welding temperature ,welding time ,cooling time . automatic welding interval

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