Dilation/Formation System

The Dilation/Formation System is used to produce plastic balloons, and the production process is fully controlled by PLC. Widely used in the production of cardiovascular balloons, peripheral vascular balloons, stent delivery balloons. Suitable materials include Nylon 12, Pebax, PU, PET, etc. Cylindrical, conical, circular, papillary balloons, etc. can be produced according to different heating water jacket and molds.

Technical specifications

  • Balloon forming diameter range         0.5-50mm
  • Balloon forming length range             1-300mm
  • Dimensions                                          1750*560*535mm
  • Power supply                                       220V 50Hz 3300 watts
  • Nitrogen inpput range                         0-1000PSI
  • Air supply                                             80-120psi
  • Nitrogen output range                        1.0 to 68bar (1 to 1000psi)
  • Nitrogen output accuracy                    0.5BAR
  • Tensile force range                               0-440N
  • Left and right stretching stroke            0-350mm
  • Water ChillerPower supply 220VAC 50/60 Hz 800WRefrigeration temperature : 5 C -normal temperature ,water tank volume 20L
  • Equipment heating capacity              Normal temperature to 300 C
  • Built-in thermal printer ,print production parameters

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